More patience, more money

Jun 06, 2021 By Edward Weston

Wait for the market patiently until the real perfect trend appears, do not interfere by prediction. Timing is everything. Buy in at the right time, but also sell out at the right time.

Trading is not something that you do every day. People, who think they need to do trading all the time, ignore the condition that trading requires reason, an objective and appropriate reason.

In addition to trying to decide how to make money, traders must try to avoid losing money. Knowing what to do is as important as knowing what not to do.

The stock trader has to fight with a lot of costly internal enemies. Make huge money by waiting, not by thinking. Be sure to wait until all the factors are advantageous to you.

Predicting the market is so hard because of human nature. Mastering and conquering human nature is the most challenging task. It is very important to choose the timing carefully. Once you act too quickly, you will have to pay the price.

My loss was entirely because I lacked patience in waiting for the right moment to support performed views and plans. I didn’t know that 15 years later, something made me wait 2 weeks to watch my favorite stock go up 30% before I felt safe to buy it in.

This requires patience, waiting for the right key point to appear, and waiting for the right time to trade. Patience, patience, patience -- that is the key to success. He used to say, “Making money is not about thought but about waiting.”

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